HOW LONG does a bottle last?

We recommend drinking our Cold Drip within 6 weeks of the date of bottling. Each of our batches are shipped within days of bottling to ensure the longest possible shelf life. Once the bottle has been opened we suggest storing in the fridge. It is natural to find sediment on the base of the bottle after a few weeks of storage.

How many coffee’s do you get from a bottle?

We suggest that a regular serve (1 espresso shot) is the equivalent to 70ml of our Cold Drip Coffee. As such you should get ten serves from your 700ml bottle.

How LONG should i expect shipping to take?

As we run very limited batches of our Cold Drip, there is a chance that it may take a few days for us to complete making your order. Once ready the bottles are couriered and should take 1-3 business days to arrive. We use ‘Sendle’ for our deliveries, note that they do not deliver on Weekends.

Tips for removing a stiff cork

We’ve noted that in some cases after storing the bottles in the fridge the corks can become stiff and difficult to remove. We suggest using a regular knife to help pry the cork from the bottle slightly before using your hands to twist back and forth to remove simply. To help with next time, we suggest inserting the cork only halfway into the neck of the bottle, much like re-inserting wine cork.