Cold Drip Co.

a new take on tradition

We’ve integrated the latest thinking and precision technology with traditional slow drip methods in pursuit of finding new ways to better the craft.

We believe that through constant iteration and the odd crazy idea, we’ve achieved greater purity and developed a new flavour profile to create a premium Cold Drip coffee.


starts off frozen

We start by cooling purified water down to three degrees in a controlled ice bath, to ensure the entire system is chilled.


then preciscely dripped

Through a hand crafted, fully automated system, we drip thousands of iced droplets precisely onto the coffee bed to extract the fullness of coffee flavour.  


through a bed
of coffee

We source our single origin fair trade beans from a small region in Columbia, they’re roasted only days before we grind, press and prime them for every batch.


Over twelve hours

The slow drip extraction process ensures the subtle flavours of the bean are released. This creates a Cold Drip coffee with new and complex flavours that’s almost entirely relieved of acidity and bitterness.


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