How we make it

Each Batch of Cold Drip we make starts with three important things, the coffee, the water, and the machine. It also involves a lot of cleaning and sterilising, some sexy bottles, a gorgeous brand, a simple website, and a lot of word of mouth marketing, but I'll leave that to Lewis to talk about. Making the stuff is my forte. 

How we make it.jpg


Let's start with the machine. Early in the morning I'll pull the machine apart, clean and sterilise every part, put it back together, and run some tests on the electronics. I log a lot of data about the room temperature, humidity, air quality, and water quality. After it's all ready, we start to grind the coffee.

The coffee is a single origin bean that we selected from about 30 different beans. We actually did a tasting brunch in the early days to test with about 20 friends, a tradition we'll carry on with our first pop-up shop in mid-April. We unanimously decided on a single bean, which tasted insanely delicious and was hands down the best drip we've ever made (trumping even the 30 grind). So we grind all of the coffee in a deli-sized coffee grinder, carefully measuring the coffee that goes into each machine unit. 

Once the coffee is in place, we're ready to start the drip. This is where the water comes in. We decided early on to triple filter the coffee, pulling everything out down to 0.5 microns, and separating the ice from the drip water. Have you ever tasted ice from a fridge or even an ice-machine? It tastes like shit. So we leave it out. Instead, to cool down our drip water, we run it through tubes submerged in an ice-bath. The water gets so cold it leaves condensation on the stainless steel of the machine. A good sign. 

We keep the water super cold throughout the whole process, and drip it, in equal amounts, with a varied drip rate over about 8 hours. The whole process is IOT controlled and data-logged in the cloud. We decided on varying the drip rate after experimenting with fast rates and slow rates, and realised that we could get an optimum flavour profile if we combined the two speeds over the full drip. It's magical. 

Once it's all done, we bottle it (in cleaned and sterilised bottles), cork it, label it, sign the date and bottle number, and then kiss it good luck on its journey into the big bad world. Each bottle is hand filled and labelled. As much as we're IOT based, we cherish the artisanal approach to making cold drip; the electronics are there to make sure we have a super high quality, premium product. We hand label because it gives the product a human touch, which is what we're ultimately about. We drink the stuff three times a day, and often up to 8 weeks after we've dripped it.

Bryan Hoedemackers