How to drink it

Lewis and I are crazy about Cold Drip, like literally fucking mad. We've put 2010 in everything from Whiskey Sours to Balsamic Vinegar in salads. CRAZY AF.

Here are our favourite ways to drink it...

Morning Manhattan


1/ Coffee on the rocks

Whiskey Glass
1 x large washed ice cube
70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee

Pour over the ice and sip patiently in your favourite spot while contemplating your next giant leap



2/ Nitro Drip (straight from the keg)

1 x Midi beer glass
1 x Beer dispensing equipment
200ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee dispensed with Nitrogen gas

Quench your thirst while you meander a local market, observing beautiful products and handcrafted goods



3/ Pre-workout Energiser Drip

50ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
Shot Glas

Throw it back and hit the weights hard



4/ Post-workout Rejuventator Drip

1 x Banana
4 x Ice cubes
100ml Coconut / Almond Milk
70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffe

Blend everything together and relax



5/ Cold Drip Martini

30ml Premium Vodka
30ml Kahlua
70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee

Prepare shaken, not stirred, then pensively stare into the distance reflecting on the successes of your day



6/ Cold Fashioned

30ml Single Malt Scottish Highland Whiskey or Aged Spanish Rum
35ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
20ml Simple Syrup
1 x Large crystal clear piece of ice
1 x Whiskey glass

Mix, stir, pour over ice, garnish with an orange peel, find yourself ensconced in a leather armchair



7/ Warm the heart Drip

70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
30ml dash of warmed milk

Pour into a large mug, throw on those slippers, curl up into ball on sofa, wrap hands around mug, breathe a sigh of relief



8/ Straight Drip

35ml of ice-cold 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
Espresso glass

Wake up, serve, throw it back, and go with great intentions into the day to conquer your next challenge



9/ Iced Drip

70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
1 x Tall glass
1 x Slice of ripe orange
3 x Mint leaves
Enough ice to fill the glass

Pour as you would an ice tea and then saunter along a walkway next to the waters edge gazing into the sunset



10/ Affogato Drip

Heat 70ml of 2010 Cold Drip Coffee
1 x Whiskey glass
1 x perfectly round scoop of ice cream

Pour hot coffee over ice-cream and discuss at length the importance of eating well with your friends

Bryan Hoedemackers