How it all began

The story of Cold Drip Co. is a fairly simple one, it started with two friends Lewis Evans, and myself Bryan Hoedemaeckers. Our friendship had really only just begun, we bonded over our passion for high-quality cold drip coffee and the desire for a creative outlet outside of our day jobs.
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I was introduced to the sweet nectar by Lewis at a cafe inside a non-descript building in Sydney's CBD. The cafe was one of those internal only cafe's that are setup for clients, and their cold drip was delicious. Every day we would consume at least three cold drips while completing our 'corporate duties'.

During this time I'd started buying Melbourne-made cold drip from a local grocer where I live in Surry Hills. The first bottle was ok, a little bit weak, the second bottle was full of sediment, and the third was extremely bitter. It was all over the place.

The variance of quality prompted me to research the technique in which cold drip is produced. I almost bought a beautiful Japanese machine, but the price threw me off. Instead, I grabbed a GoGet and headed to the weekend DIY institution that is Bunnings. 

The parts cost me about $30. The coffee was ground and in a foil bag from a grocer. The drip took 8 hours. The outcome was delicious. I made about 1litre that weekend, drank a bit and put some in three 250ml bottles which I shared with Lewis and another friend at work.

We were hooked. 

The next bunnings receipt was about $200. The coffee was ground by us on a small Breville Smart Grinder; it hardly kept up with the 2kg we needed to grind, we had to run it from inside the freezer. The drip was punishingly slow.

The outcome, which we call 'the 30 grind' was fucking amazing.

Deciding to start the business was a very simple decision at this point. The 30 grind was delicious, we had the expertise to build a beautiful brand, to build a production quality machine, and the guts go on an epic journey together, and so we formed Cold Drip Co Pty Ltd and went for it.

To many years of delicious Cold Drip Coffee.

Thanks for your support!

Bryan & Lewis.

Bryan Hoedemackers