Cold Drip Co.

how coffee should be








Every single step of the Cold Drip process is meticulously crafted to extract maximum flavour from every bean.

By keeping things small batch, using chilled water and freshly ground beans, we’ve reduced the acidity and bitterness to create a Cold Drip coffee with a chocolate aroma that’s full on flavour.


No milk
no sugar

By keeping things chilled and removing all the heat from the extraction process we ensure an incredibly smooth, black coffee flavour without the bitterness you find with traditional espresso. As such there's no need for milk or sugar to make it palatable - all the better for your waistline.


better for your tum

For those who suffer from acid reflux, the cold drip method results in a coffee with a lower PH level than traditional hot methods. This means a reduced level of acidity, delivers a smoother flavour and is better for your stomach.


Take your sweet time

Cold drip coffee is a completely different drinking experience to your extra hot, grab and go latte, or your knock it back espresso. It's a subtle drink to be savoured and sipped. It's a perfect accompaniment for a mindful rest; a break from the normal routine.


Whisky glasses not paper cups

Taking the time to drink your cold drip coffee plus the ice you use means it's not particularly suited to a takeaway cup; and you know what, we're fine with that. We encourage the use of multi-use glass tumblers for your drip so you enjoy your coffee, whilst doing your bit for the environment.


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